FreeCAD-Ship (En)


¿Qué es FreeCAD-Ship?

FreeCAD-Ship is a FreeCAD module, powerfull in development CAD program. FreeCAD-Ship aims to provide a complete set of naval architect tools.

Like FreeCAD is a free software written in Python. Main features are the protability and, being a CAD software module, all powerfull tools incorporated.


FreeCAD-Ship aims to provided all architectural ship design stage needed tools. Since is in development a lot of work must be still done, but you can use several tool for the moment:

  1. Outline drawing tool.

    Outline draw is a set of ship slices that are capable to provide a description of hull forms.
  2. Transversal areas curves.

    Performing transversal ship sections areas can be represented as logitudinal coordinate function. Transversal areas curve is a sightly relevant hydrodynamic parameter that provides early design stage data about forms quality.
  3. Hydrostatic curves.

    FreeCAD-Ship can perform almost relevant hydrostatic curves computation. Hydrostatics reports ship hull forms behaviour related with hydrodynamics and stability.
  4. GZ curve.

    GZ curve is the main stability related parameter.

¿How can i get FreeCAD-Ship?

Since FreeCAD-0.13 FreeCAD-Ship is fully integrated into the official package, so you only needs to intall FreeCAD. For the moment there are not installable version with FreeCAD-Ship, so compiling FreeCAD from source is required, see following web page in order to learn more about compiling FreeCAD from sources:

FreeCAD compilation from sources

In the future installable FreeCAD packages will contain FreeCAD-Ship.

¿How can I learn to use FreeCAD-Ship?

FreeCAD-Ship has been designed for a really user-friendly experience. Nevertheless you can find some tutorials at FreeCAD wiki page.

FreeCAD-Ship s60 tutorial
FreeCAD-Ship s60 tutorial (II)

Series 60, from Iowa university, is used with FreeCAD-Ship at this tutorials.

4 comentarios el “FreeCAD-Ship (En)

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  2. Chattermark dice:

    The links leading to the S60 tutorials seem to direct me rather to Nirvana ™…
    Thanks for your work!

  3. George Kokotis dice:

    Jose, if you are reading this the latest FreeCAD version (0.16.6700) breaks the Ship workbench module. Can you have a look at it?

    Thank you

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